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 Resort Svatá Kateřina Resort Svatá Kateřina je v B.E.W. systému

Resort Svatá Kateřina - Svatá Kateřina 327, Počátky

Resort Svatá Kateřina is made oasis of rest, relaxation and entertainment. It is a complex of three hotels, located in a quiet environment on the clearings in the middle of woods and far from civilization. In addition to the quantity of relaxation and sporting activities we also offer several exclusive spaces for conferences, seminars and trainings. We have 7 modern meeting rooms equipped with all the equipment and all with daylight.

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Konferenční hotel Luna

Konferenční hotel Luna - Kouty 77, Ledeč nad Sázavou

Konferenční hotel Luna je oblíbeným místem pro konání kongresů, konferencí, teambuildingů, školení a jiných firemních akcí. Nabízí až 11 konferenčních prostor vybavených audiovizuální technikou a drátovým i bezdrátovým připojením k internetu. Kongresový sál pojme až 220 osob. V restauraci hotelu Luna je možné uspořádat firemní akce, večírky, rauty i svatební hostiny. K dispozici je také terasa. Svatební obřad je možné zajistit přímo v romantickém okolí hotelu. Samozřejmostí je zajištění kompletního cateringu.

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Hotel Abácie

Hotel Abácie - U Abácie 491, Valašské Meziříčí

Hotel Abácie je oblíbeným místem pro pořádání konferencí, školení, prezentací či obchodních schůzek. K dispozici jsou prostory Konferenčního sálu pro pořádání větších akcí, pro školení a prezentace firem je ideální salonek nebo bar. Nabízíme také prostor zimní zahrady vhodný pro obchodní setkání. Tyto prostory jsou vybavené klimatizací a technickým zázemím. Připojení Wi-Fi je v celém hotelu samozřejmostí. Plně k dispozici je i jídelní a nápojový servis.

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Divadlo ABC

Divadlo ABC - Vodičkova 28, Praha 1

The Theatre ABC offers its facilities for conferences, presentations, trainings, seminars, concerts and other cultural events. There is available large and small hall, spacious stylish café and a foyer with a possibility of holding banquets.

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Hotel a kongresové centrum Academic

Hotel a kongresové centrum Academic - Tyršovo náměstí 2222, Roztoky

Hotel a kongresové centrum Academic se nachází v klidném středu města Roztoky. Kongresové centrum s celkovou kapacitou až 300 míst je vhodné pro pořádání konferencí, školení, prezentací, módních přehlídek, divadel a jiných akcí. Všechny prostory jsou klimatizované a vybavené moderní kongresovou technikou. Pro další zábavu jsou v hotelu k dispozici čtyři bowlingové dráhy a k odpočinku hotelová sauna.

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 Activitypark Hotel Všemina

Activitypark Hotel Všemina - Všemina 300, Slušovice

Activitypark Hotel Všemina is located in a quiet location in the foothills of Hostýn and Vizovice Hills. It offers comfortable hotel, sports and conference services for seminars, trainings, teambuildings and social events. There is available a conference hall and 3 lounges with full service and catering. The stylish restaurant is an ideal venue for parties, banquets, wedding receptions and festive board. Activitypark Hotel Všemina also provides a wide range of sports and relaxation facilities.

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Hotel Adalbert

Hotel Adalbert - Markétská 1 28, Praha

The first Czech ecological hotel - Adalbert - has facilities for conferences, seminars, symposiums and other events directly at the hotel’s building, or at the adjoining wing of Brevnov Monastery, which can be used in case of larger meetings. Adalbert is suitable for small conferences and training courses for about 40 people. It is ideal for small groups and separate meetings, because hotel’s topography allows to find the right place for you. The indisputable advantage is a parking capacity for 100 cars.

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Adalbertinum - Československé armády 300, Hradec Králové

Adalbertinum building offers a stylish setting for conferences, symposia, seminars, presentations of companies, social events, receptions, banquets and balls. There are halls, lounges and classrooms with capacity from 10 to 440 seats, including audio-visual equipment, catering and other needed services. There is available also the restaurant on the ground floor and the bar near the large hall on the first floor. For guests there is also a car park close to the building.

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Hotel Adria Praha

Hotel Adria Praha - Václavské náměstí 26, Praha 1

Two conference rooms, four lounges and unconventional spaces stalactite cave of the TRITON Restaurant, offers over 225 m² of high quality air-conditioned rooms, which are by their structure and variability suitable for a wide range of events like business meetings, press conferences, celebrations or corporate parties. Thanks to many years of experience in organizing events we guarantee maximum flexibility, professionalism and full commitment in fulfilling even the most demanding requirements.

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Hotel Aida

Hotel Aida - Kubišova 23, Praha 8

Newly reconstructed hotel Aida is located in an attractive area overlooking Prague. The hotel offers spaces of conference hall including technical equipment for corporate presentations, seminars and conferences. We are ready to provide quality catering.

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Seminární Centrum AKADEMIE

Seminární Centrum AKADEMIE - Hrušovská 16, Ostrava - Přívoz

Seminary centre Akademie focuses on organizing corporate events. For congresses, trainings, seminars and other events are available air-conditioned conference and seminary halls, including technical equipment and ensuring quality catering. VIP Lounge is primarily prepared and equipped for business meetings or presentations.

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Hotel AKADEMIE Hrubá Voda

Hotel AKADEMIE Hrubá Voda - Hrubá Voda 59, Hlubočky

Hotel AKADEMIE Hrubá Voda is due to its exceptional location a popular place for business and residence tourism. It has 6 fully air-conditioned rooms and is an ideal place for training courses, seminars, business meetings, family celebrations, graduations, weddings and other events. All rooms are with daylight, blackout facilities and full air conditioning. All are covered with Wifi connection signal for free.

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Hotel AKADEMIE NaháčHotel AKADEMIE Naháč je v B.E.W. systému

Hotel AKADEMIE Naháč - Chocerady 277, Chocerady

Hotel AKADEMIE Naháč is located in a beautiful environment of Posázaví and is an important conference center with exceptional equipment and nice friendly atmosphere. The hotel offers 8 lounges with a capacity of 15 and more people. All rooms are with daylight, air conditioning, blackout possibility and adequately silenced. We offer also the latest technical equipment including a complete computer classroom. Premises of the halls are covered with WIFI signal.

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Hotel AKADEMIE Velké Bílovice

Hotel AKADEMIE Velké Bílovice - Zahradní ulice 1295, Velké Bílovice

Seminary hotel Akademie *** is the ideal place for conferences, trainings, presentations – events of small and medium size up to 110 people. Hotel has 6 fully air-conditioned seminary rooms which can be variously arranged and equipped with audio- visual technique exactly according to your requirements. Mutual interconnection of 3 lounges, full air- conditioning, daylight, full sounded rooms, remote controlled lighting and other presentation equipment will be fully available.

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Lázeňský hotel Akademik Běhounek

Lázeňský hotel Akademik Běhounek - Lidická 1015, Jáchymov

Spa sanatorium Akademik Běhounek built in 1975 is designed to offer complete spa services. The building with six stories above ground and three underground floors dominates the skyline above the valley of Jáchymov. For guests serves café with winter garden and a lobby bar with a wide range of refreshments. Conference, workshop or seminar may be organized in the social hall or in our two lounges.

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Dům kultury a hotel Akord

Dům kultury a hotel Akord - náměstí SNP 1, Ostrava-Jih

Building of the cultural house Akord suits thanks its segmentation their cultural and social purposes. Renovated lounges and halls with air conditioning have a capacity from 10 to approximately 580 people and are suitable for conferences, meetings, seminars, company presentations, balls and other social activities. By their appropriate combination can be obtained capacity up to 1000 people. We organize company events with a complete program and culinary services. We guarantee professional approach.

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Hotel Albatros ActiveHotel Albatros Active je v B.E.W. systému

Hotel Albatros Active - U stadionu 397, Prachatice

The newly built hotel Active is located in the city center, near the sports complex and soccer field. Our goal is to offer the best quality accommodation and excellent service in a pleasant home atmosphere. The hotel has a restaurant suitable for company parties, banquets, seminars and wedding receptions.

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Hotel Albatros RelaxHotel Albatros Relax je v B.E.W. systému

Hotel Albatros Relax - Vodňanská 1321, Prachatice

Hotel Albatros is situated in a quiet part of the town. It offers the possibility for organizing training sessions, business meetings, seminars, presentations and cultural events, corporate meetings and banquets in a quiet and cosy environment. You can find here everything for relaxing and undisturbed business meetings.

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Spa & Wellness hotel Alexandria

Spa & Wellness hotel Alexandria - Masarykova 567, Luhačovice

Alexandria Hotel is a wellness hotel, which consists of two interconnected buildings. In the main building there is a French restaurant and nightclub, it´s spaces can be used as a separate meeting room. For relaxation or as a complement of the program of business events can be used the wellness center in the new modern part of the hotel.

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Hotel Alfa Resort

Hotel Alfa Resort - Deštné v Orlických horách 78

The hotel is located in the beautiful surroundings of Eagle Mountains with spectacular views of the whole panorama. ALFA HOTEL offers the possibility of year round organizing training courses, presentations, seminars, teambuildings, outdoor activities etc. For your corporate events are available training rooms equipped with modern audio-visual and presentation equipment. The variety of terrain offers year-round wide variety of uses from recreational tourism to sport-based activities.

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