Portal "ProstoryProAkce.cz" is designed for anyone who is looking for suitable premises for the corporate events, places for congresses, conferences, corporate parties, sports or outdoor programmes. Authors of the entire logistics of the portal have more than ten years experience in designing and implementation of various corporate events, and so they faced the task of finding suitable premises for corporate events innumerable times. The aim of the portal is to become an acceptable and early and also unnecessary facilitator, source of information and also inspiration for preparation of corporate events for promoters of these occasions.


Search of the premises:

The great advantage and heart of the portal is the detailed filter, which finds the suitable areas according to specified parameters. The main division of spaces is according to the purpose for which space is used. 

According to this, they are divided into three basic categories. Individual categories cover almost 100% of purposes for which customers are looking for premises. The first category presents places for congresses, conferences, seminars, training, presentations. The second category consists of areas suitable for corporate parties, social and cultural events. In the third category there are areas suitable for active self-realization, sports and outdoor events. Here are also included spaces for relaxation, wellness and fitness.

In addition to the main purpose is the further parameter the estimated number of persons perhaps even the locality or style of the corporate event. These and other parameters the customer can enter in other parts of the filter and thus very accurately locate the object, which contains the searched facilities for corporate event.

You have the option to specify either the overall capacity of the object in the selected category (conferences, corporate parties, sports), or the capacities of individual premises, which are searched. According to the category you have the possibility of specification of the arrangement, such as theatre, classroom or table in the category of conferences and training, restaurant or buffet for corporate parties or social and cultural events.

If the setting includes the character or style, it´s possible to use the filter choice after the sort of the object or after the character of premises for choosing objects or premises. These filters are useful for further selection of found objects. Each option may be inspirational, even if the customer has an interest in a stylish action. In the case of the category Sport and recreation are optional different types of activities and it´s possible to search forsuitable places for corporate tournaments, sports and outdoor activities or relaxation.

Objects found:

The result of the search are objects that comply with the set values of the filter and so they dispose of the suitable premises for corporate events. The user can inquire only objects that offers the suitable premises for conferences, congresses, corporate events or sports events, thereby saving much time not only themselves, but saves also the time of the demanded object. This is the fundamental difference between our search engine and other existing web portals. Because we work with individual premises, you will find e.g. old-bohemian restaurant in a modern hotel or the bowling centre in the restaurant. From found entry there is the direct possibility to view a Web page of the object, to determine location on the map, or send a direct inquiry.

Profile of the object:

By clicking on the icon or name of the object its profile will open. The profile of each object has the same structure that the user can easily compare the parameters of individual objects. Here are presented the possibilities of object separately for each of the categories (thus for conferences, corporate events and active self-realization) and also information about accommodation and other curiosities nearby. Would you like to organize training, let off steam in the afternoon and entertain the party in the? The profile offers you the possibilities and inspiration for the whole scenario.

Our goal is to become the first truly functional tool for those who are seeking a suitable space for corporate events and company parties, suitable spaces for congresses, trainings and conferences, or active enjoyment.

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